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Type of site social network service
Registration Required/Free
Available language(s) English
Owner private
Created by Lisa Nola, Adam Marks

Listography is a book and personal web application which allows users to create and share lists. Through list-making, users can shape an autobiography and create references for themselves and others. Some common types of lists are: favorites, wishlists, to do lists, catalogues, memories, and photo lists. Users are sometimes called listographers and their collection of lists are referred to as listographies. Listography is a trademarked name. & The Listography Book were featured in Boing Boing Television's premiere as a place to capture one's autobiography in lists.


The Web Application was founded by Lisa Nola & Adam Marks and launched publicly in April 2006. The site is a personal and social tool for creating and sharing lists. Each user has a home page called their listography. Users can create a list of their favorite other listography users, and view updates on these users' listographies. Users can also leave comments on lists and send lists via email. Another feature of the site is a list topic generator.

The Books

The first Listography book was published by Chronicle Books in October, 2007. Chronicle is also slated to publish a children's and lover's version of the book in 2008 and a Music Listography and Team Listography in 2009. The books/journals prompt readers to record their autobiography through a series of list topics created by Lisa Nola, complimented by illustrations from various artists.


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