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Brosix Enterprise Instant Messenger is a secure instant messenger that is designed to help business users [1] connect to each other.[2] It uses encrypted communications in order to secure messages in a manner that is similar to secure email services.[3]



There is a free public version called the Brosix PUBLIC Free Instant Messenger which is meant for individuals to use though it may also be intended to give business users a free trial of the service.[4]

Brosix Messenger Features

Advertised features for the paid version of this messenger include:

Security Protocols Used

Messages are encrypted by using AES 256 bits encryption.[8]

2009 Best IM Nominations

In Feb. of 2009 Brosix was nominated for the following categories in the annual Best IM's competition[9]:

  • Best IM Experience 2009
  • Best Third-Party IM Client 2009
  • Most Improved IM Client 2009
  • Best IM Feature 2009 (for Whiteboard Feature)
  • Best IM Developers 2009


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