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Type User Experience Optimizaion,
Web Analytics
Headquarters Ramat Gan, Israel
Key people Dr. Tal Schwartz,
CEO and Co-Founder
Arik Yavilevich,
CTO and Co-Founder
Industry Technology

ClickTale is an Internet company founded in 2006, that provides Customer Experience Analytics and Web Analytics services. As of February 2009, ClickTale had over 20,000 users and its revenue was estimated at over $1.2M per annum[1]. Although today ClickTale claims to have more than 35,000 users, it is unknown what its revenue may be as the company has not publicly announced any financial data.



Unlike traditional web analytics, ClickTale's analytics service is qualitative and provides a full video playback option for each individual visitor's session[2]. In addition, it uses meta statistics to create visual heatmaps and behavioural reports, as well as conversion analytics and traditional web statistics.


ClickTale's analytics suite consists of three main parts:

  1. Video playback of individual visitor sessions
  2. Heatmaps, including:
    1. Scroll Heatmaps - showing how far down the page visitors scroll (useful for finding and optimizing the fold of a page).
    2. Attention Heatmaps - showing where on the page the visitor shows the most attention.
    3. Click Heatmaps [3] - showing where the visitors click on the page, results in the most "traditional" web heatmap.
    4. Mouse Move Heatmaps - used for conducting accurate eye tracking on a massive scale[4].
  3. Conversion Analytics - such as Form Analytics and Link Analytics[5].

In addition, ClickTale offers full integration with a wide variety of web standards, including HTTPS, PHP, Wordpress, Drupal and Ruby on Rails as well as many others, and also offers product integration with companies like Omniture and Silverpop.


Clicktale uses the freemium pricing model, offering a limited free plan and three tiers of paid plans starting from $99 a month.It also offers custom-made solutions to enterprise customers, although it is not publicly known how much these plans cost.

ClickTale runs an affiliate program, allowing resellers to sell the product themselves for a share of the revenue.

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