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Data portability is the ability for people to reuse their data across interoperable applications - the ability for people to be able to control their identity, media and other forms of personal data. The DataPortability Project works to advance this vision by identifying, contextualizing and promoting efforts in the space.

The effort is run by a globally distributed team on a volunteer basis.

The current DataPortability logo


Project History

The first DataPortability logo

The DataPortability project was founded by a group of people[1] that created a workgroup by inviting industry thinkers in November 2007 to explore the idea.

In January 2008, several major web industry players supported the workgroup: Google, Facebook and Plaxo on 8 January 2008,[2] followed by Drupal, Netvibes and Mystrands,[3] and then LinkedIn, Flickr, Six Apart and Twitter,[4] as well as Digg[5] and Microsoft.[6]


Historically, the DataPortability Project has been associated with advocating open standards. Formally, the group does not endorse any specific technologies over another - but its leaders have said they support the broader concept of open standards because they help achieve the vision of data portability [7].

There are numerous open standards that are considered to advance the vision, such as RDF, RDFa, microformats, APML, FOAF, OAuth, OpenID, OPML, RSS, SIOC, the XHTML Friends Network (XFN), XRI, and XDI.


The Dataportability Project community formally recognises members with voting status as being part of the plenary. Members of the plenary elect a 12 person Steering Group, who in turn have "sole authority to make decisions determining the operation, order, and good governance of the DataPortability Project."[8]

In the 2009 operating year, the following people are members of the Steering group[9]

Former members

  • J. Trent Adams (first secretary)
  • Brett McDowell

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