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Jump to: navigation, search was an email list management web site. The site allowed users to create their own mailing lists and allowed others to sign up for membership on the list. The web site provided archives of the messages as well as list management functionality. Each group also had a shared calendar, file space, group chat, and a simple database. It was bought by Yahoo! and became part of Yahoo! Groups.


The company originally started by Scott Hassan in January, 1997, as an email archiving service called FindMail. Carl B. Page joined the company part-time in May 1997. In December, 1997, Scott decided to add the ability to host free mailing lists and called the new product Martin Roscheisen joined as CEO in March 1998. quickly grew to 250,000 users before taking funding of $810k from Atlas Venture in May 1998. The post-money valuation was set at $4.5m. In June, 1998, the company was renamed In October, 1998, with 1.2 million users (growing at 12,000 users per day), the company had an offer on the table from Excite for $40m but decided to take $5.1m more investment money from Sequoia Capital.

In November 1999, ONElist and eGroups merged and started work on going public, as, with 13 million users exchanging more than 1.3 billion email messages each month. In January 2000, the company raised a further $42m and filed a S1 with the SEC on March 23, 2000.[1]

In August 2000 with 18 million users, the company was purchased by Yahoo! for $413m in a stock deal and became part of Yahoo! Groups [2].

On December 23, 2007 the former CEO and president of 1list (and eGroups after the merger), Michael Klein, was killed when his airplane crashed in Panama while vacationing with his daughter and his daughter's friend. His daughter's friend was the only survivor.[3]



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