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Developer(s) Sebastian Kanthak
Stable release 0.3.1 / November 14, 2005
Type Ruby on Rails Plugin
License MIT License

file_column is a popular plugin for Ruby on Rails that allows the easy management of file uploads.

The file_column system is designed to upload a file to a directory named after its objectID (usually the primary key in the database table) this allows for the uploading of different images with the same name.

The default structure of file storage in file_column is:



To install via command line, this code is used:

./script/plugin install

After the package is installed in your desired Rails application:

First the plugin is referenced from within your 'entry' model.

file_column :image

On any form for file uploads reference your upload like so.

<%= file_column_field('entry', 'image' ) %>

Finally when referencing an uploaded file, this tag is available.

<%= url_for_file_column('entry', 'image') %>

NB - The model name (entry) and the instance/datebase column name (image) must be identical for both file_column_field() and url_for_file_column()

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