Gambit (Scheme implementation)

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Developer(s) Marc Feeley
Stable release 4.5.3 / November 1, 2009; 375651524 ago
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Programming language
License LGPL/Apache License
Standard(s) R4RS, R5RS, several others.

Gambit, also called Gambit-C, is a free software Scheme implementation, consisting of a Scheme interpreter, and a compiler which compiles Scheme to C. Its documentation[1] claims conformance to the R4RS, R5RS, and IEEE standards, as well as several SRFIs. Gambit was first released 1988, and Gambit-C (that is, Gambit with the C backend) was first released 1994.


Termite Scheme

Termite Scheme is a Gambit Scheme module intended for distributed computing. It offers a simple and powerful concurrency model, inspired by Erlang, which is based on a message-passing model of concurrency.

C++ integration

While the compiler produces solely C code, it has full integration support for C++ compilers such as GNU C++. Thus, software written in Gambit can contain C++ code, and can fully integrate with C++ libraries.



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