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Developer(s) GNU Project
Initial release ?
Written in ?
Operating system GNU, Linux
Available in English
Type Internet suite
License MPL/GPL/LGPL tri-license

Gnuzilla, or GNUzilla, is a derivative of the Mozilla Application Suite created by the GNU Project as an attempt to be entirely free software. The reasons being that while the Mozilla project produces free and open software, the binaries released included additional non-free software in the form of Talkback, a crash reporter. In addition, non-free software is also distributed as plugins. Despite this fork, the Gnuzilla and Mozilla projects will continue to synchronize with upstream releases in the future and keeps the triple-licensing to facilitate the reuse of code.

Gnuzilla encompasses GNU IceCat, a derivative of the Firefox web browser. Originally called GNU IceWeasel, it has been renamed in 2007, due to a name conflict with Debian's Iceweasel.[1][2]

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