Grindstone (time tracking software)

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Developer(s) Epiforge Software
Initial release October 10, 2009 (2009-10-10)
Stable release 2.0.4360 / 25, 2009 (2009-01-25) [1]
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Platform .NET Framework
Size 5 MB
Available in U.S. English
Development status Active
Type Time Management
License Free (CC (by-nd))
Website Grindstone 2
As of January 27, 2009 (2009-01-27)

Grindstone is a desktop application, produced by Epiforge Software, that allows users to create and organize tasks and to track time. It includes a range of other features that supplement this primary functionality. The software is currently offered as a free download for Microsoft Windows users. Epiforge Software has announced plans to release Grindstone on Mac OS[2], and a compliment to the software which would allow pooling data from multiple users[3].


Major Features

  • Stopwatch - Allows users to select a task they're working on, during which Grindstone will attribute time to that task. The Stopwatch has a ribbon-like window that is displayed on top of other windows on the desktop, but may be hidden at the user's preference. The Stopwatch can also detect when the user leaves their computer and ask them how to reconcile their time away when they return.
  • Search Tasks - A text box below the list of tasks that functions similarly to the search text boxes found in instant messaging programs or in Windows Explorer windows.
  • Profiles - Allows the user to create profiles as a way of separating their tasks into different areas. Tasks can be moved from one profile to another if necessary.
  • Custom Fields - Allow the user to specify additional kinds of data to be attributed to their tasks (e.g. a lawyer using Grindstone might create a custom field to keep track of the court case number for a particular task).
  • Breakdown - A kind of report in Grindstone that displays the user's time in the form of a three-dimensional pie chart. The user may determine the way the time is being delineated by changing varying options available on the top of the Breakdown window.
  • Timesheet & Invoice - Produces simple timesheets and invoices via options found in the Reports menu, respectively. Both timesheets and invoices generated can be printed, or exported as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets or PDF files.
  • Update Slipstream - At the user's preference, Grindstone will regularly check for available enhancement and hot fix updates from Epiforge Software. There is also an option available under the Help menu to check for updates manually. If the user agrees to update, Grindstone will download the required update packages and install them.

End User License

Grindstone is offered for free to download and use under the Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States license[4].

System Requirements

Grindstone Olympics

Epiforge Software sponsors an international competition for use of Grindstone called The Grindstone Olympics. Scoring for the competition relies upon usage statistics reported by the Grindstone application to Epiforge Software. The competition currently considers the activities of Grindstone users in more than 40 countries.[6]

Company & Acknowledgments

Epiforge Software is a software development company in Atlanta, GA. Primary development work was completed by Daniel Henry. The end user documentation was created by Miranda Bennett. The about window also acknowledges Aline Moreira de Carvalho, Anthony Crisci, James Crisci, C. Tyson Edwards, Anthony Garza, Charles Hollingsworth, Brian Kral, Angelo Lakra, Alex Marrocco, John Murphy, Grace Nash, Chuck Ottosen, Javon Parker, Daniel Raskind, Rick Silverstein, Alan Stewart, Deb Stewart, Michael Weinberg, and Brian Young for testing the product during its development.

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