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File:If forum-illustration.jpg
A screen capture of the board in action.
Original author(s) ikonForums
Developer(s) The IkonForums Team
Stable release 1.0.1 / May 16, 2008; 442716834 ago
Platform Perl
Type Discussion forum
License ikonForums Public Licence
Website ikonForums.com

IkonForums is a free online forum or Bulletin Board System developed in Perl for use on MySQL.


IkonForums History

IkonForums was conceived around April 2006 and is the concept of a group of volunteers formerly known as 'The Ikonboard Team'. After much discussion and for various reasons The Ikonboard Team decided to part company with Ikonboard and the Ikonboard project.[1]. Out of respect for the Ikonboard Community, The Ikonboard Team presented a final update, publicly known as Ikonboard version 3.1.5, which consisted of a few bug fixes and security patch.

The IkonForums website went live on 10 September 2006. With close to a year in development, the first public Beta release occurred on 8 April 2007, [2] followed by the first release candidate being made available on 8 September 2007.[3] IkonForums 1.0.0 was release as stable on 1 January 2008.

On 8 January 2008 the (former) official German support site 'ikonboard.de - Reloaded' completed its transition in converting to IkonForums. Whilst still providing (German) Ikonboard support its main focuses is now with IkonForums. [4]

Version History

iF 1.0.0

IkonForums 1.0.0 was first released as a public beta on 8 April 2007. During early development it was originally referred to as 'Ikonboard 3.2' prior to the formal launch of ikonForums. The original plan was to release a public beta within a few weeks of the launch, however the forum software was developed further and major changes were made.

IkonForums 1.0.0 includes... [5]

  • Serving XHTML 1.0 Strict DOCTYPE with CSS compliant web pages.including separate CSS for both Internet Explorer versions 6 and 7. tables are used for tabular data and not for styling purposes.
  • ISIS (Intuitive Selective Interoperable Skins) - the IkonForums skin engine that allows for the creation of separate skin components and assigning selected components to form a new skin.
  • Incorporation of a template system ensuring separation of HTML from Perl Source this allows for easier and more concise customization without the need to be a Perl master.
  • AJAX implementation
    • Quick Reply for instant posts while reducing server load.
    • Quick View allows scanning the first post of Topics from Forum list.
  • Supports mySQL databases (mySQL v:4.1 and up) using intelligent query methodology that ensures low server loads and quick response.
  • Multi-lingual default language is English with the ability to translate into almost any language that utilizes the UTF-8 character set. Instead of textual image buttons for menus, all menus are raw text assigned though a language variable defined by the selected language package. For added visual clarity, small icons are used in conjunction with the text; these are optional and may be removed from source.
  • Installation is quick and easy with the IkonForums intuitive Installer.


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