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Preview release 1.0 Beta 4 / July 23, 2009; 384375129 ago
Platform .NET
Website IronScheme Source

IronScheme is an upcoming implementation of the Scheme programming language targeting the Microsoft .NET framework. IronScheme will be a complete rewrite of IronLisp incorporating lessons learnt while developing IronLisp.[1].

IronScheme was planning to build upon the Microsoft Dynamic Language Runtime, but decided to abandon this idea because the DLR branch the project used became out of sync with the trunk, and also because the DLR, according to the developers, could not support the majority of the Scheme's requirements[2].

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  1. "IronScheme will aim to be a R6RS conforming Scheme implementation based on the Microsoft DLR.". Retrieved 2009-03-21. 
  2. "Is there any silverlight sample?". 2009-05-11. Retrieved 2009-07-26. "Unfortunately, my DLR branch is very out of sync with the Silverlight one. I just thought about it, perhaps I do not need the DLR perse, will investigate. The problem is that the DLR as-is, is not good enough to support the majority of the Scheme's requirements" 

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