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MIIS (Meditech Interpretive Information System) is a MUMPS-like programming language developed by Meditech in the 1970s. When many MUMPS implementations standardized to be compatible, MIIS did not standardize, but became a proprietary system instead.

As an example of the differences between MUMPS and MIIS, the value of a logical expression in MUMPS may be false = zero (0) or true = one (1). In MIIS, the value false is the ASCII character "nul" (byte with all 0 bits = binary 0) and the value of true is "del" (7 bits of a byte with all 1 bits = binary 127). (note: ASCII is not an 8-bit standard, but a 7-bit standard).

There is also a philosophical difference between the dialects. MIIS often takes the approach that code should march along, regardless of possible errors, where MUMPS will error out to prevent more serious problems. For example, when encountering an undefined variable, MUMPS generates an error where MIIS treats it as nil.

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