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OctroTalk by Octro, Inc, USA is an integrated instant messaging application for mobile phone devices (Symbian OS, Windows Mobile OS) with VoIP, SIP call, video chat, live video streaming and P2P file transfer. OctroTalk for Nokia S60 3rd phones is Symbian signed. It is perhaps the World's first without 3G application for Mobile Phones with live video chat.

Prominent features

  1. IM with GoogleTalk/Gmail, Jabber, MSN, ICQ, AIM and Yahoo! buddies,
  2. Multiple Chat sessions,
  3. Peer to peer File Transfer with GoogleTalk and Jabber buddies,
  4. Audio Call with Google Talk and Jabber buddies,
  5. Audio Call through SIP provider,
  6. Live Video Chat from your mobile phone with OctroTalk/Jabber buddies,
  7. Live Audio and Video Streaming to the Web.

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