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Remember The Milk (RTM) is an application service provider for web-based task- and time-management. It allows users to manage tasks from any computer as well as offline. It is being developed by an Australian/international team.



Remember the Milk allows users to create multiple task lists. Added tasks can be edited to include (or not) various fields. Locations can be added, and an integrated Google Maps feature allows users to save commonly used locations. Tasks can also be organized by tags. Tasks can be postponed and Remember the Milk will inform users of the number of times that that task has been postponed.

Offline access

Remember the Milk features the capability to manage tasks while offline. This feature is built upon the Gears software (formerly Google Gears). When a user reconnects to the internet their Remember the Milk account is updated to include offline changes. Events are stored online, so in the case of a user's hard drive failure, no data is lost. The application supports publishing one's tasks as an RSS news feed. It can export iCalendar files (.ics). Multiple task categories can be added and shared, allowing various levels of permissions for the users. This enables collaboration and sharing of schedules between groups or families.

Integration with other services

Remember the Milk offers integration with various other products and services:

  • iGoogle: the user-designed Google homepage, where you can choose and organise content in the form of 'gadgets'. A Remember The Milk gadget can be added to one's iGoogle homepage. This gadget includes the capacity to add, edit, postpone and check off tasks.
  • Google Calendar: Remember the Milk can be added to the Google Calendar online application to permit users to access their Remember the Milk account from within Google Calendar.
  • Netvibes, a personalized start page. Remember The Milk has created a widget for Netvibes similar to the one offered for iGoogle. It is available from the Netvibes Ecosystem site.
  • Twitter, a microblogging service. Users can add RTM's Twitter account to their watch list, then they can send direct messages and have the task added.
  • Remember the Milk can send alerts to instant messaging accounts, email addresses, and mobile devices (via text messages)[citation needed].
  • Tasque, an open source GNOME task management client. It has a minimalist GUI and one click linking to a single RTM account.
  • Astrid, an open source Android task management client. It supports two-way synchronization between an RTM account and the application task list.

Sharing and sending tasks

Remember the Milk allows for sharing tasks with other Remember the Milk users. It is also possible to send tasks to other users.


As of January 2010, Remember the Milk reported having more than 1.75M users.[1]

In the press

RTM's limited press coverage has been mostly positive with some reviewers, such as the editor in chief of PC World, comparing it favourably to Microsoft Outlook.[2]

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