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Developer(s) Timo Haberkern
Stable release 1.7.3 / June 21, 2009; 410711195 ago
Preview release 1.8.0
Operating system Windows
License Donationware

Server2Go is a freeware WAMP stack. It is a software package that bundles Windows versions of PHP, MySQL, Apache and Perl. Server2Go is designed to run on removable and write-protected media such as USB Sticks or CD-ROMs -- it can run standalone web applications from a CD-ROM. Server2Go is self-configurable; there is no need to install or configure the server before running web software. It runs on most versions of Windows from Win 98 on; Mac OS X support is in progress.

As of 1.7.3, latest stable release version:

On download page also provide additional modules to downgrade bundled software version including PHP 5.0.5 and 4.4.7, and MySQL 3.x and 4.x.

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