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File:Spinlets logo.png
URL http://www.spinlets.com
Type of site Web widgets
Owner urSpin LLC
Created by urSpin LLC
Launched April 2007

Spinlets are small embeddable chunks of code that copy and paste into your personal webpage, network profile or blog. They allow anyone to create their own web "mashups" by embedding content (i.e., videos, photo albums, music play lists, calendars, etc.) from many divergent sources and presenting them in a useful, accessible and personalized manner. Spinlets are completely based on browser technologies such as HTML, Flash, etc. and are simple to use.



  • Cut and Paste – After customizing your Spinlet, just cut and paste a small chunk of code to post content to your blog or personal webpage.
  • TestSpin Live Preview – Spinlets allow you to preview how your Spinlet will look within your webpage or blog before you paste the code.
  • Dynamic – Spinlets are always live and current within blogs and webpages which means that all your Spinlets dynamically refresh to show your most recently updated content.
  • Portability – Spinlets provide portability for your online content, letting you post to blogs, personal webpages and anywhere else you can paste code.
  • Customization – Spinlets let you customize text, colors and layout with drag and drop technology.
  • Spinsmash – Spinlets’ Spinsmash lets you mashup different content to post on your blog or webpage such as your Facebook Event and Google Map of the event location or your Facebook and Flickr photos.

Spinlets API

An open API is available for developers to create Spinlets. User interaction, Spinlet customization, and content retrieval is provided in the core API. The core API also abstracts access to many third-party web services (e.g. Flickr, Twitter, etc.) and external data feeds (RSS).

In addition, the developers creating Spinlets can make use of the Extended Spinlet API. The Extended API includes utilitarian and advanced capabilities such as "helper" code for specific third-party web-services and a UI effects and layout library.

Currently, the Spinlet API is in private limited beta. A sign-up form for access to a sneak peek of the API is available.

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