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stHrt is an Ajax-based start page or personal web portal similar to Netvibes, My Yahoo!, iGoogle, and Microsoft Live. The site is organized into homepages, each homepage containing user-selected websites. It has a website database from user contributions of over 10,000 sites. It also contains tabbed web widget pages similar to other start page services, with each tab containing user-defined modules for email, games, news, weather, RSS, and many others from Widgetbox[1]. It is also a social site in the sense that connected members can share homepages and homepages be made public depending on user preference.[2]

The stHrt layered browsing and change user functions are unique to such services. Layered Browsing creates a layer on top of the start page giving users the ability to surf the web without having to leave their homepage bringing new efficiencies to the web browsing experience. Efficiencies gained are similar to that of tab browsing. The Change User feature also bring unique efficiencies to such start pages by allowing a single computer to be shared by multiple members who can easy switch between homepages without a complex login procedure.[3]



stHrt was launched in mid 2008. The site was created by STHRT COM, Inc., a Nevada Corporation, headquarted in Orlando, Florida, United States.

Underlying Technology

Some of the major components used for building the framework are PHP, MySQL, AJAX, and JavaScript.

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