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Sun Studio
Developer(s) Sun Microsystems (Owned by Oracle Corporation)
Stable release Sun Studio 12 Update 1 / June 2009
Operating system Solaris, OpenSolaris, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, CentOS
Available in English
Simplified Chinese
Type Compiler, Debugger, Software build, Integrated Development Environment
License Free for download and use as described in the Sun Studio product license.

The Sun Studio compiler suite is Sun Microsystems' flagship software development product for Solaris and Linux. Sun Studio software delivers optimizing C, C++, and Fortran compilers, libraries, and performance analysis, and debugging tools for the Solaris OS on SPARC, and both Solaris and Linux on x86/x64 platforms, including multi-core systems.

The Sun Studio software suite is downloadable at no charge from the Sun Studio download website.

Previous names of this product include Sun WorkShop, Forte Developer, and SunPro Compilers.



Supported architectures


Sun Studio is a suite of software products that includes:

  • C/C++/Fortran compilers and support libraries
  • The Sun Studio IDE based on NetBeans
  • dbx command-line and GUI based debuggers
  • Performance Analyzer
  • Thread Analyzer
  • Sun Performance Library

Compiler Optimizations

A common optimizing backend is used for code generation.

A high-level intermediate representation called Sun IR is used, and high-level optimizations done in the iropt (intermediate representation optimizer) component are operated at the Sun IR level. Major optimizations include:


The OpenMP shared memory parallelization API is native to all three Sun Studio compilers.


The gccfss (GCC for Sun Systems) compiler uses gcc's front end and the Sun Studio compiler's code-generating back end. Thus, gccfss is able to handle gcc-specific compiler directives, while it is also able to take advantage of the compiler optimizations in the Sun Studio compiler's back end. This greatly facilitates the porting of GCC-based applications to SPARC systems.

gccfss 4.2 adds a new functionality as a cross compiler; SPARC binaries can be generated on an x86 (or x64) machine running Solaris. [1]

Research platform

As the Rock processor will be the first general-purpose processor to support hardware transactional memory (HTM), the Sun Studio compiler is used by a number of research projects, including Hybrid Transactional Memory (HyTM) [2] and Phased Transactional Memory (PhTM) [3], to investigate support and possible HTM optimizations.



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