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Texy! is a text-to-XHTML formatter and converter library. It allows the user to write structured documents without knowledge or using of HTML language. The user writes documents in easy-to-read plain text format and Texy! converts it to structurally valid and well-formed XHTML code.

Texy! is one of the most complex formatters[citation needed]. It has full support for CSS, HTML etc. and can handle images, links (anchors), nested lists, and tables.

It supports very long words division (with respect for language rules), clickable emails and URL (emails are obfuscated against spambots), national typographic single and double quotation marks, ellipses, em dashes, dimension sign, nonbreakable spaces (e.g. in phone numbers), acronyms, arrows and many others.

Texy! is developed by David Grudl since 2004. It is written in PHP (version 4.3.3 or newer). Can be used in any other platform using XML/RPC service.

Texy! is distributed under the GNU General Public License. Plugins for several content-management systems are included.

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