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Tocquigny is an advertising and marketing consultancy in the United States.



Founded in 1980 by Yvonne Tocquigny, initially the agency was more of a small design studio. As the agency grew, it began to pick up larger clients. Dell was one of the first blue chip companies to work with Tocquigny, starting the relationship in the early 1990s. Over the years Tocquigny has evolved to focus on interactive and business-to-business work.

Awards and Clients

Tocquigny was ranked in the top two interactive advertising agencies of 2008 by BtoB Magazine[1]. In 2006, Tocquigny was ranked as a top 25 interactive agency by Adweek. [2] In 2009, the agency continues to be raked a top business-to-business agency by BtoB Magazine.[3]

Over the years Tocquigny has worked with a number of Blue Chip companies including:

Tocquigny has the longest continuous agency relationship with Dell.[citation needed]

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