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Developer(s) Sanchit Bhatnagar Navneet Rai
Stable release 1.02 / October 26, 2006; 491794827 ago
Operating system Website
Type Flash Animation
License Subscription

Toufee is flash movie creating/editing software that is distributed online. It is an online software which runs inside the browser, so it is compatible with Windows, GNU/Linux and Macintosh operating systems. It contains features such as text effects, image transitions, audio/video support, and timeline editing.



Toufee’s layout is similar to Microsoft Powerpoint. At the top there is menu bar. Beneath the menu bar there are two columns. The column of frames on the left is the "filmstrip". The bigger column, on the right, is the "stage".

The stage is similar to a big painting canvas where users add text, photos, videos, etc. The filmstrip is a panorama of the stage (allowing the preview of different frames).

Making flash movies

To create flash movies in Toufee one does not require knowledge of programming, or Actionscript. It is instead a straightforward process, allowing anyone to create movies with ease. Frames, text, images, videos, notes, sounds and buttons can be added to the movies by clicking the buttons on the menu bar. Double-clicking on any item opens a properties window for the selected item. This can be used to change the appearance of the selected item, add sounds effects, change timing, and so on. The finished movie can be published online as an SWF file. It can only be viewed online, however, unless converted to a video file format with a third-party utility.

Editing, effects and transitions

There are over 50 text effects, and 25 image transitions. These are applied using a drag and drop interface from the "effects" or "transitions" folders. Sound clips, and masks, can be added to any items on the stage by dragging those effects onto the items.


  • Toufee is web-based software, and does not require any software installation.
  • A Toufee movie consists of Text, Images, Videos, and Sounds. Any number of these can be used in each movie.
  • There are more than fifty Text Effects and around 25 Image Effects available.
  • Included are five nearly-human text-to-speech voices which can convert user-provided text to dictated text instantly.
  • Toufee supports PNG and GIF image files.
  • Import of all popular video formats, including: WMV, MPEG, AVI, and others.
  • Supports download of images and videos directly from popular sites like Flickr and YouTube.


  • No one can create/edit movies without opening an account (Trial offer).
  • The flash movies made with Toufee cannot be downloaded to a computer. If the movie needs further editing, it must be done at the site.
  • Users of the Opera web browser have reported problems utilising Toufee's GUI.

Toufee In Education

  • Toufee is being used by educators for activity-based learning to help children who cannot afford flash or learn flash programming.
  • It was recently featured on the Discovery Educator Network.


0.9 Toufee 0.9 File:Toufee v0.9.jpg
1.02 Toufee 1.02 File:Toufee v1.02.jpg
2.0a Toufee 2.0a (alpha, unreleased) File:Toufee v2.0.jpg

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