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Type Privately held company
Founded 2001
Headquarters Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
Industry web development
Products project management system
Employees 10 (2009)



Websystems was founded in 2001 by Daniel Raymond, a software developer from Quebec City, Canada. Its first product, FreeTaskManager, was released in October of 2001.

In 2003, Websystems released its online software directory, While originally built to create traffic to its flagship product, FreeTaskManager, quickly became popular with software vendors and buyers alike.

In 2003, FreeTaskManager was renamed to AceProject and relaunched.

Websystems’ team grew from a single-person company to a small, distributed team of 5 in 2007. In 2008, Websystems opened its first office in Quebec City, and grew to 9 full-time employees.


Websystems’ structure is flat: everybody answers to the President. There are no team leaders and everyone is expected to work together as a team.


Websystems has two main websites and a third corporate presence.

The main websites are for the products, AceProject and

The third website is merely a placeholder for the domain:


Go Ahead, Manage Go Ahead, Manage, was launched in March 2008, along with a user forum. Go Ahead, Manage focuses on project management

The blog's home page


Websystems has two products: AceProject and


AceProject was originally named FreeTaskManager. It started out as a simple task management system where one could create tasks and assign them to someone else. FreeTaskManager was renamed to AceProject in 2003. It is now sold as a web-based project management system.

AceProject can be installed on the customer’s server. It can also be hosted on Websystems’ servers, as a subscription-based service.

When self-hosted, Websystems allows its clients to modify AceProject to fit their needs. When hosted on their servers, Websystems also permits customizations, to a limited extent.

AceProject is a classicASP (vbscript) application built over a Microsoft SQL database.

The product page


Web-based-software is an online, software directory.

The directory's home page


White Papers

A white paper was presented in November 2008 at the DSI 2008 Conference, entitled: Using AceProject to Improve Student Learning in MIS Courses. The paper was co-authored by Melinda K. Cline from Georgia Gwinnett College and Karine Simard from Websystems, Inc.

This research explores the use of AceProject as a teaching tool in undergraduate MIS courses. AceProject allows students to gain hands-on knowledge of project management (PM) software currently used by major corporations and universities in 21 countries including AT&T, Black & Decker, E*TRADE Financial, Kaiser Permanente, Pearson Education Technologies, and IBM Canada. Findings suggest AceProject may be effectively used to stimulate student interest in PM and enhance student learning.

Systems Requirements Specifications Report discusses and compares different project management tools.


Cloud Computing: Web-Based Applications That Change the Way You Work and Collaborate Online was published by Michael Miller in 2008. The book discusses cloud computing applications, including project management applications and AceProject.

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