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Developer(s) Ignacio Baixas, Jaime Bunzli, Juan Ignacio Donoso, Agustin Feuerhake
Written in C#
Operating system Windows
Available in English
Type Audio player
License Copyright
Website http://www.voxound.com/

Voxound is a web project that invites people to describe songs in order to generate a general classification of music (also known as a folksonomy of music). To achieve the task, users must download a free music player for Windows that enables them to assign tags to songs. The player is built in C# using .NET Framework and WPF technology, thus only runs under Windows. It is currently in alpha version, only available for download through invitation. Voxound offers its users the possibility to create and assign their own concepts (tags) to songs, and then search accordingly. Voxound uses a server to store user actions and processes them to generate a "common" classification of music, available through their website in an application that focuses on exploratory search.


The project was originally started by Jaime Bunzli as an attempt of solving his own needs for fixing and ordering his music collection. In 2007 he involved some of his colleagues at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and started working in an initial Voxound prototype. In October 2008 the team got some funding from family and friends and decided to start the program from scratch.[1].


The Voxound player uses acoustic fingerprint technology to identify the loaded songs. Once identified, a song can be tagged using information from Voxound's centralized database. This database was originally set up using information from the public domain database given out by Musicbrainz and is dynamically fed by the users of the Voxound player and their tagging efforts. Voxound uses categorized tags to classify songs under user generated concepts. These tags allow users to create dynamic playlists that match "soft" attributes, such as mood or language.


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