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YubNub is a (social) networking web service with a command line–style interface. It allows users to create and use commands which are mapped to webpages and web services.



  • Commands can be created for most websites and services. (Technically, any web service that can be accessed via an HTTP GET request is supported. HTTP POST support requires a proxy server.) [1]
  • Commands can be chained using a syntax similar to pipes. [2]
  • YubNub has a simple, e-mail-based moderation system. Commands can be reported as spam or nominated for a list of "Golden Eggs" (commands that people think are the most interesting/useful). Currently, all such reports are investigated by the author.
  • Tools and instructions have been written to integrate YubNub with various browsers and operating systems. [3]
  • YubNub commands are constantly being added. There is a tutorial describing most of the advanced features. [4]


A YubNub command is typically a one (1) to ten (10) letter abbreviation or word that corresponds to a web service via a HTTP GET request.

YubNub commands can be set via the create command. Anybody can create these commands and use them without the need of creating an account. All commands can be seen and searched using the ls command. Notable or unique commands are nominated for "Golden Eggs", which can all be seen via the ge command. YubNub commands can be used as follows:

  • [command name] [required and/or optional parameters]

Technical details

YubNub is open-source software licensed under the MIT License. It is written in Ruby and uses the Ruby on Rails framework. It was created in June 2005 as a project for the Rails Day programming contest. Currently, Jon Aquino is the sole developer. [5]


  • As of November 2008, over 22,000 yubnub commands have been created.
  • YubNub means freedom in the language of Star Wars's Ewoks.

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