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Developer(s) Divmod
Stable release 0.10.0 / November 25, 2009; 405282673 ago
Written in Python
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Web application framework
License MIT License
Website Nevow Wiki

Nevow (pronounced like the French nouveau) is a Python web application framework. Template substitution is achieved via a small Tag Attribute Language which is usually embedded in on-disk XML templates, though there is also a pure-Python domain-specific language called Stan, for expressing this markup programmatically. Nevow integrates well with Twisted, a framework for event-driven programming.


Athena is a Nevow component which facilitates bi-directional, asynchronous communication between the Python and Javascript portions of a web application in the form of remote procedure calls. This technique is typically called Ajax or Comet, though Nevow's implementation predates both of these labels.[citation needed] Athena also includes an inheritance-based Javascript object system, which forms the basis of a client-side widget abstraction, module system and in-browser unit testing kit.


Nevow is well-tested (over 700 unit tests as of September 2007) and is deployed on several high-profile web sites, most notably the official Python site,

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