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NetFront is a microbrowser for embedded devices developed by Access Co. Ltd. of Japan, and was designed to function as an embedded browser.

Mainly deployed on mobile phones, NetFront is available for multiple platforms and has been deployed in Multifunction Printers (MFP), digital TVs, set-top boxes (STB), PDAs, web phones, game consoles, e-mail terminals, automobile telematics systems and other device types.

The browser converts tables in a Web page into a vertical display, eliminating the need to scroll horizontally. This allows the user to zoom in and out on Web pages from 25% to 100%, and can select or scroll anywhere on a page with the stylus on Pocket PC devices. The software can open up to five windows and the user can tab to any one of them.

Compact Netfront

Compact NetFront Plus is a Netfront version designed for the next-generation of mobile wireless services, including international i-mode phones.

Compact NetFront Plus supports Compact HTML, which is popular in Japan; WML (Wireless Markup Language), a markup language based on XML which specifies the content and user interface for WAP-enabled devices used by overseas services; and XHTML Basic, a subset of XHTML.

NetFront supports common technologies such as a TCP/IP protocol stack, AVE-TCP, which supports IPv6 and the WAP Wireless Profile, a JV-Lite 2 Wireless Edition Java environment for cellular phones, and a AVE-SSL secure communications protocol and encryption module.

The latest version of Netfront supports:

  • Ajax support
  • Document Viewer
  • New RSS viewer libraries
  • SMIL 2.1 support
  • SVG 1.2 + microDOM support

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