Sleipnir (web browser)

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Developer(s) Fenrir Inc., Osaka, Japan
Stable release 2.9.2
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Type Web browser
License Proprietary

Sleipnir is a Japanese tabbed web browser, released by Fenrir Inc. The browser is known for its high level of user customization. The newest version of the browser is Sleipnir 2.9.2, featuring improved Internet Explorer 8 and Windows 7 integration.

Sleipnir is included in a browser ballot screen on EU edition of Windows 7,[1] so EU users of Windows 7 may choose between Internet Explorer and browsers considered popular during the installation process.



File:Sleipnir acid3.jpg
Sleipnir 2.9.2 scores 20 in the Acid3 test.

Sleipnir was originally developed by Yasuyuki Kashiwagi (now the president of Fenrir & Co), but in November 2004, he had his computer with Sleipnir's source code stolen.[2] In 2005, he established Fenrir & Co. for the purpose of restarting development of Sleipnir as version 2.x, which has no compatibility with the original version.

As of 2006 Sleipnir had a 6.0% of the market share in Japan.[3] In the next couple of years, Fenrir hopes to dramatically grow its user base from the current roughly 100,000 users to around 17 million.[4] Fenrir has released its Global Site and arranged new pages for each location. Fenrir has released Sleipnir 3 alpha version with plans to release other language versions.


The browser's layout engine can be changed to either Internet Explorer's Trident or Mozilla's Gecko. Other features include mouse gestures, page zooming, a search bar, Greasemonkey-like user script support, and plugin support.

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