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uZard Web (Mobile web browser)
Developer(s) Logicplant Co., Ltd.[1]</td></tr>
Initial release February 14, 2007; 15 year(s) ago</td></tr>
Stable release 1.1.16 / May 11, 2009; 418667954 ago</td></tr>
Written in Java, C</td></tr>
Operating system Windows Mobile(Including Touch Versions)
Symbian OS
Platform Cross-platform WIPI/ BREW /Java(VM) / Manufacturer's native platform</td></tr>
Size under 500kB but variable</td></tr>
Available in Various</td></tr>
Development status Active</td></tr>
Type Mobile browser</td></tr>
License Proprietary</td></tr>
Website uZard Web</td></tr>


uZard Web is a mobile web browser for mobile devices which are cellular phones, smartphones, PMP, navigator, settopbox and etc.
It currently supports Windows Mobile, Windows CE, Symbian, BlackBerry (RIM) and Linux. Also it supports BREW, Java and WIPI.

Its first commercial version was released in Feb. 2007 in Korea with SK Telecom, KTF, LG Telecom and KT WiBro(WiMAX)which are carriers(operators).


In uZard Web , a webpage is fully rendered by a server separate from the mobile device, similar to the operation of a thin client.
This approach is also used by Opera Mini, Skyfire and is usually faster and supports better rendering techniques. [2]


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