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Google Closure Tools
Original author(s) Google
Initial release November 5, 2009
Available in JavaScript
Type Ajax framework
License Apache License 2.0

Google Closure Tools is a set of tools to help developers build rich web applications with JavaScript. It was developed by Google for use in their web applications such as GMail, Google Docs and Google Maps.


Closure Compiler

The Closure Compiler is a JavaScript optimizer that rewrites JavaScript code to make it faster and more compact.

Closure Library

The Closure Library is a JavaScript library with stuff like UI widgets and controls.

Closure Templates

Closure Templates are a templating system for dynamically generating HTML in both Java and Javascript.

Because the language was apparently referred to as "Soy" internal to Google, and "Soy" remains in some of the documentation and classes, sometimes Closure Templates are referred to as "Soy Templates".

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