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Google Web Accelerator
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Initial release May 4, 2005 (2005-05-04)
Operating system Microsoft Windows

Google Web Accelerator is a web accelerator produced by Google. It uses client software installed on the user's computer, as well as data caching on Google's servers, to speed up page load times by means of data compression, prefetching of content, and sharing cached data between users. The beta, released on May 4, 2005, works with Mozilla Firefox 1.0+ and Internet Explorer 5.5+ on Windows 2000 SP3+, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Vista machines. Google no longer provides downloads for Google Web Accelerator.


Bugs and privacy issues

It was discovered that Google Web Accelerator had a tendency to prevent YouTube videos from playing, with the message in the YouTube video player, "We're sorry, this video is no longer available." By turning off Google Web Accelerator, the user was able to play YouTube videos again without a problem.[1][2]

Google Web Accelerator sends requests for web pages, except for secure web pages (HTTPS), to Google, which logs these requests. Some web pages may embed personal information in these page requests.

Google receives and temporarily caches cookie data that your computer sends with webpage requests in order to improve performance.

In order to speed up delivery of content, Google Web Accelerator may retrieve webpage content that the user did not request, and store it in the Google Web Accelerator cache.[3]

Google Web Accelerator is no longer available from Google as of January 20, 2008. As of September 2008 the Google Web Accelerator is not compatible with Firefox 3.0. As of March 2009, Google Web Accelerator is available on and other websites.

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